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When do layered window treatments look good?

Layering window treatments is a great idea for homeowners who want something more from the window treatments. Layering adds more depth and drama to the décor. They even take the functionality to the next level by addressing issues like insulation, light control, privacy, etc. Here are some ways to layer different window treatments for more beautiful and functional windows.

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Why choose automated and motorized window treatments for your home?

Automated and motorized are buzzing words in the window treatment industry these days. Well, they are most of the times used interchangeably but they have specific meanings and capabilities. If you are still considering them, this post will help you understand the difference between the two and make an informed buying decision.

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Why Wood Blinds will never go Out of Style as Window Coverings?

Wooden blinds come with horizontal slats (though you find them in vertical too!) attached with a cord pulley system for opening and closing. The big question is: Are wooden blinds worth the investment? Are they in style or outdated?

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Which types of window coverings are best for French doors?

Windows in the house still get their due when it comes to covering them but doors are often overlooked. Not many of you notice that doors let in more light and heat as compared to windows. So, they need to be covered to achieve complete protection against extreme weather conditions.

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When and where should you choose vertical blinds in your home?

There are so many options available in window treatments; blind selection for your home is going to be no less than an experience. They are a visual treat with eye-catching textures, patterns, and functional benefits. However, selecting one that matches your décor and also meet the functional requirements can be tedious. A blind that is perfect for both windows and sliding doors are vertical blinds.

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Take Advantage of WINDOW TREATMENTS - Read These Tips

We all like a well-lit room, but that means no window coverings. Florida is a sunshine state where the sun shines for most part of the year – is your answer still no window coverings probably not. Keep reading what Gator shutters bring to you and the advantages of window treatments

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Window Treatment: Expert's Interview

All window treatments – blinds, shades, shutters, or curtains – all serve both functional and decorative purposes. But choosing from them is not as easy as you think. Well, you are not alone. So, we have asked industry experts for advice so that you can start decorating with confidence.

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