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Which types of window coverings are best for French doors?

Windows in the house still get their due when it comes to covering them but doors are often overlooked. Not many of you notice that doors let in more light and heat as compared to windows. So, they need to be covered to achieve complete protection against extreme weather conditions.

French doors are an architectural masterpiece that elevates the beauty of the space they are put in. They add to the aesthetics apart from offering functional benefits. They complement all décor styles from modern to contemporary and traditional.

However, you cannot keep them open all day long. They need to be closed and covered appropriately so that the issue of heat loss or gain does not arise. Since it’s a door that is opened and closed frequently and so some considerations need to be looked into.

Special considerations

  • The window covering you pick for your French door should not be interfering with the door handle. It should be shallow enough to fit behind.
  • Cordless or motorized window treatment need to be opted to avoid dangling cord hassles and eliminate strangulation hazards.
  • Hold down brackets at the bottom of the door will keep the window coverings in their place.

Window coverings that are suited for French Doors

Roman Shades – a casual décor with a tailored look for your door, roman shades are a go-to option. The textures, fabrics patterns all enhance the beauty of the already amazing French doors. You could achieve the desired level of privacy and light control by choosing the openness levels. For added heat control, one can consider adding a liner keeping the indoors cool and pleasing all day long.

Woven Wood Shades - Woven wood shades are a great choice for French doors when you want to create an effect of the inside out. They are made from all-natural materials like jute, bamboo, wood and so are a safe non-toxic choice for the indoors. You can get them in fabrics of different opacity levels to get the desired light and privacy. French doors would look elegant and fresh when you adorn them with woven wood shades.

Cellular Shades – If you live in areas with extreme temperatures and have French doors installed, cellular shades should be the right pick. They are lightweight and long-lasting but what wins them over others is their unique construction. They have hollow honeycomb-shaped structures that trap the heat and cold inside keeping the temperatures at the optimum level. They protect the floor and furnishings from harmful UV rays and also add to the style of the décor.

You can get them in a wide selection of designs and lift mechanisms to add to the convenience and comfort. These lift mechanisms also add another layer of safety for your pets and kids eliminating the potential strangulation hazards.

These were some of the top window coverings for your French door that add to the aesthetics and also meet the functional requirements. Be sure to check out them to get the perfect match for your French door.

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