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Orlando Blinds FL offers a collection of custom window shutters and window blinds. Interior shutters and Roller shades give you excellent control over light, temperature, noise, and privacy while increasing your home resale value. If your home needs a major window replacement or renovation, we suggest you pick interior shutters over draperies, blinds, or shades. They are aesthetically designed and offer optimum energy efficiency, and last longer. They are easy to clean and low maintenance. They come in a different slat or louver size you can choose depending on the purpose.

Their movable louvers offer excellent light adjustment, adding to the room's beauty. You can find them in various materials and finish at Orlando Blinds FL.

Plantation Shutters:

They come in wood, composite, and Poly materials. Wood undoubtedly offers the best of the looks, but when you are looking for a lower budget and shutters for high-humidity areas, AluCore Poly Shutters win the game. Wood plantation shutters are available in a variety of stains and painted options. AluCore Poly Shutters look and feel like painted wood but will not warp, chip, or crack even under extreme conditions.

They come in a wide variety of louver sizes ranging from 2 ½", 3 ½", and 4 ½". If you want to enjoy a broader view of the outside, you can pick the 4 ½" size.

Café shutters:

Thanks to their half-high architectural style, they offer both privacy and visibility. They are a choice for rooms in your home where you want to let in all the natural light above and offer privacy below. You can decorate them with valances and add a dramatic look.

Composite shutters:

Benefits of MDF for Composite Wood Shutters.

It is an excellent substrate for veneers. Some varieties are less expensive than many natural kinds of wood Isotropic (its properties are the same in all directions due to having no grain), so there is no tendency to split. Consistent in strength and size, shapes well. Stable dimensions (won't expand or contract like wood). Easy to finish (i.e., paint)

Drawbacks of MDF for Composite Wood Shutters.

Denser than plywood or chipboard (the resins are heavy). Low-grade MDF may swell and break when saturated with water. It may warp or expand if not sealed. It may release formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen that may cause allergy, eye and lung irritation when cutting and sanding. Screwing into the edge of a board will generally cause it to split in a fashion similar to delaminating. Subject to significant shrinkage in low humidity environments. Painting with latex paints is difficult due to rapid water absorption. Most finishes appear uneven, and nail holes tend to pucker.

Alucore Poly Shutters:

If you're looking for something that works in high-humidity areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, or if you live in humid places like Florida, choose AluCore Poly Shutters because they are made from synthetic polymeric materials resistant to fading or cracking. Our AluCore Poly Shutters exude elegance and impressive durability and help keep energy costs down. There is only one manufacturer for AluCore Poly Shutters in Florida. The Shutters have aluminum inserts in the louvers for improved strength and better insulation. They are fire and UV resistant and hypoallergenic.

Get your free in-home expert consultation scheduled today and pick your ideal style, color, and material to dress your windows as you always wanted them to. Shutters are a better choice than shades and blinds as they attach to the window frame, and you don't have to spend money on other window coverings.

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