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Take Advantage of WINDOW TREATMENTS - Read These Tips

We all like a well-lit room, but that means no window coverings. Florida is a sunshine state where the sun shines for most part of the year – is your answer still no window coverings probably not. Keep reading what Gator shutters bring to you and the advantages of window treatments

Light Control: We do not always want to see light coming from the room, especially not at night or when we are trying to sleep. Window treatments like blinds or shades can help you control the amount of light coming in. TV and media rooms should have window shades or blinds with a thicker material to avoid the glare on the TV.

Sun Protection: Whether you prefer shades, blinds or shutters, they all will protect your floor and furnishing from harsh UV rays. Prolonged exposure can lead to fading, discoloration or even warping or cracking. Roller screen shades are quite popular among Orlando homeowners to block the sun’s glare without blocking the outside view.

Aesthetic Appeal: Right window treatments not only add functionality but bring life to the room. Colorful drapes, motorized shades, plantation shutters all enhance the décor of the space.

Privacy: If you are living on a busy street or have prying neighbors, you know the importance of window treatment. Our professionals are there to help you choose the right shades and blinds for your space to achieve the desired results.

Insulation: Have you ever noticed that when you stand by your windows in summer, you feel the heat and cold when it is winter? That is because of the poor insulation. The air passes much easily through the bare glass than a covered one. You can stop investing huge on thermostat or air conditioning, just get the right window treatment and notice the difference.

Increased value: Curtain, drapes or even blinds and shades are like a non permanent window treatment, you can change them to get a new look. But when you invest in plantation shutters, they are like a permanent fixture. They instantly increase the home’s resale value.

Safety: The shades and shutters you see today come with many technology options like cordless lift systems, motorized options making it safe to operate for elderly, pets and kids. The chances of strangulation posed by dangling cords is no more a threat.

Comfort: With motorized options, you can control the operation of your window treatment from anywhere anytime. With a touch of button, you can open or lower the window shades and blinds, bringing comfort and convenience.

Energy Savings: Florida summers are extremely hot. When you have right window treatment, you will see a drastic decrease in your energy bills. During the day you will notice that you’re needing to use less air conditioning to keep the room cool. Cellular shades are a great way to lower your energy costs due to their unique honeycombed construction.

Sustainable: Today, you find green window treatment solutions like bamboo shades, or shades crafted from sustainable materials like jute reed etc.

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