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Window Treatment: Expert's Interview

All window treatments – blinds, shades, shutters, or curtains – all serve both functional and decorative purposes. But choosing from them is not as easy as you think. Well, you are not alone. So, we have asked industry experts for advice so that you can start decorating with confidence.

Get your terminology right

All our window treatments but they are all different. Drapery and curtains are different in the sense that drapery is full length and the curtain is shorter in length. Shades are fabric materials that fold neatly when raised. They are good for rooms where you want to achieve light and privacy. Blinds mostly come in hard materials like wood, faux wood, vinyl, plastic or metals, etc. They are a good fit in rooms where you want to control the brightness levels.

Consider your needs

What is your end goal? What do you want to accomplish? It goes for any design project you undertake for your home. If a room in your home receives a lot of sunlight, and you would like to cut down the harshness of the sun rays, you can do this by installing blackout curtains or shades with thicker fabrics. Just opposite to that, if any room receives little light, then you should look into light filtering shades or curtains like sheers that would cut the glare but still, would let the light in.

Top-down-bottom-up shades and vertical shades are a good choice; you may consider any depending upon your choice and budget.

What’s your budget?

Shutters are an expensive option but they outshine other window treatments, they increase the home resale value. This is what property experts have to say about the shutters. Custom shades are also an expensive option. However, experts advise that the budget shouldn’t be the only criteria while choosing the window treatment. Count on the features, whether the window treatment fits in your requirement criteria – even if that means extending your budget a little it’s worth it!

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