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When and where should you choose vertical blinds in your home?

There are so many options available in window treatments; blind selection for your home is going to be no less than an experience. They are a visual treat with eye-catching textures, patterns, and functional benefits. However, selecting one that matches your décor and also meet the functional requirements can be tedious. A blind that is perfect for both windows and sliding doors are vertical blinds. They are quite popular in commercial spaces –offices and hotels. The qualities that win them in the commercial space make them as effective in homes. Let us look at some of the features of vertical blinds that make them so versatile and stylish.

Light Control

The slats stand parallel to each other and they run from top to bottom. The slat size is generally bigger than the horizontal blinds. The bigger slats gave you more control over how much light should come into the room.


When you have greater control over light, privacy comes automatically. Some of you may question that bigger slats would interfere with the ventilation. Just open the slats and angle them in a position that privacy remains but there is enough gap for air to flow easily.


The larger slat size also helps in insulation. The slats are packed close to each other leaving very little or no room for air to escape. This feature wins them over horizontal blinds for offering insulation.


The clean lines of vertical blinds win them over other window treatments. They blend easily with both modern and traditional décor.

When to use Vertical Blinds?

The wide slats of the vertical blinds keep the heat out and so are perfect for rooms and areas that receive harsh sun rays. You can adjust the angle of the slats during various times of the day to control the flow of light in the room. This will solve the problem of high temperatures in the room when the natural light comes in.

Where should you use Vertical Blinds in your home?

We have already discussed how versatile are vertical blinds. This quality makes them perfect for every room.

Living room

If your living room has large windows and patio doors, nothing can match better than vertical blinds. They cover the wide glass windows and doors beautifully and shield the room from exposure to harsh sun rays.

When you open them, they stack on one side. You can choose the stacking option on both sides as well. They also make a great pair for bay windows. Headrail can be customized to fit any specialty windows.


If you opt for vinyl blinds or other moisture-resistant materials, vertical blinds can be a great addition to the bathroom. They strike a perfect balance between privacy and light control offering you the right ambiance and temperature for your bathroom.


Conservatories are a good place to spend time with books and loved ones. However, scorching sun rays can play a spoilsport. Vertical blinds wider slats can be tilted at an angle to keep the light out but still allowing the air to pass through.

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