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Why Wood Blinds will never go Out of Style as Window Coverings?

Wooden blinds come with horizontal slats (though you find them in vertical too!) attached with a cord pulley system for opening and closing. The big question is: Are wooden blinds worth the investment? Are they in style or outdated?

The slats in the wooden blinds are made out of wood and they help in keeping the heat out, offer privacy and regulate inside temperature. When you open them fully, you can enjoy unobstructed outside view.

However, there are a lot of alternatives like aluminum and vinyl blinds that are more modern. Then we also have shades and curtains that use fabric and give your home a softer look. Faux wood blinds are also a great alternative to the wooden blinds – they resemble real blinds and are more functional and cheaper too.

However, the wooden blinds are so fascinating that its every homeowners’ first choice. They enhance the ambience of the room undoubtedly and make the room look warm, inviting and cozy. They can suit any home décor from rustic to traditional, vintage to contemporary.

There is nothing wrong in saying that they are a classic window treatment but the styles and the options are endless. You can try on natural finish, matte finish or glossy. Play with different shades of varnish and give a touch of regality to your windows.

A big question: - Are real window blinds better than faux wood blinds?

Faux wood blinds as we all know resemble the real wood blinds in many ways – structure, texture and finish. They are not made of wood instead from polyvinyl chloride, PVC. Let us dig deep.

Faux wood blinds are cheaper than the real wood blinds. Also, they are easier to maintain. Wipe them with a damp cloth (as most of them come waterproof but check with the manufacturer) or dust them with a microfiber cloth. Being waterproof make them ideal for use in high moisture areas like kitchen, bathroom and even laundry rooms.

Each design and slat will have same look in faux wood blinds whereas it would be different for real wood blinds as they are all natural. Some homeowners like to have a consistent look all throughout while for some natural finish matters more.

However, despite all the positives in the faux wood blinds, they are not real and for some homeowners that is a big thing to consider. They have a natural look and feel and though little expensive homeowners find it worth the investment. Also, if you are concerned about the impact on environment, go for natural wood blinds as no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process whereas in faux wood blinds, it’s the case.

So if you want to add a touch of authenticity in your home décor, natural wood blinds are a way to go. And if your budget is a constraint or you want more functional window treatments, you can consider faux wood blinds.

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