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When do layered window treatments look good?

Layering window treatments is a great idea for homeowners who want something more from the window treatments. Layering adds more depth and drama to the décor. They even take the functionality to the next level by addressing issues like insulation, light control, privacy, etc. Here are some ways to layer different window treatments for more beautiful and functional windows.

Sheer Shades or Woven Fiber Shades with Drapery

The shades are installed in the window frame, and the drapes hang around, letting you enjoy complete privacy or sunlight depending on the need. The layered window treatment allows you to enjoy a full outside view when you want and maintain complete privacy for a peaceful time away from the outdoor madness.

You can even consider layering blackout roller shades with soft sheer curtains for softness and total darkness whenever required. So, you enjoy natural light during the day and restful sleep at night.

Use layered treatment when you want effective insulation

Cellular shades are an excellent insulator, but they don't come cheap. What can be used as an alternative is the layering technique. You can use the very classic plantation shutters with curtains. Shutters are known to insulate 70% more efficiently than other treatments, but curtains are also a good insulator.

Layered window treatments offer better privacy

As previously discussed, layered window treatments can block light but impede outside views. Sometimes you want private moments without the prying eyes of the neighbors, or you can opt for a clear view of the outside. In this situation, plantation shutters or top-down/bottom-up cellular shades can be layered with curtains to balance light and privacy.

Understanding what combinations work better for layering and achieving maximum functionality with style in mind is essential. It can be tricky, so you should seek professional help when in doubt. With years of expertise and keeping abreast with the latest trends, these professionals help you make better decisions with window treatments.

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